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💻🎓 e-learning modules focus on disaster response in the Caribbean

We were commissioned by the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT) to work on this project for their client, the World Food Programme (WFP) in the Caribbean. CIDT developed all content for the products, as well as delivered other training and consultancy services. Find out more here. We took the storyboards and set up the online modules, building them with a responsive authoring tool and setting them up within the Moodle learning management system. We then created a layout for a lengthy handbook, further detailing all procedures and information.

The Caribbean region suffers a wide range of disasters and shocks, including droughts, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and landslides, causing distress to people, communities and economies. The three online, self-paced modules were created to build staff and stakeholder knowledge, skills and competencies to prepare social protection systems ahead of shocks and to respond to emergencies.

Time to evolve

The short courses, each providing over 2 hours of learning, were created with Evolve Authoring, a flexible e-learning tool that provided all of the functionality, interactivity and responsiveness required to keep the courses engaging and to test learners as they pass through each topic. The templating feature enabled precise control over branding and visual elements, to give the modules their own distinctive look and feel within the WFP brand.

Drag it, drop it

E-learning without interactions is basically just reading, and that’s just no fun. The modules feature a range of interactive elements including slideshows, flips cards and hotspots, as well as several question types, such as drag and drop, multiple choice and more. Maps and diagrams could become interactive, giving detailed information about processes and events.

visualising and tracking progress

Notice how some items in the accordion above and map below are green? Once an item has been viewed it changes to show a tick so that the user knows what they’ve looked at when they return again. The module saves their progress and takes them back to where they left off when they reopen the course, even if it’s days later. A pop-out side menu also gives useful navigation and shows which topics are yet to be completed.

Learning management system (LMS)

The course was delivered through social protection.org. We configured the course environment, creating spaces for each module, as well as its supporting resources, glossary and final quiz. The Evolve modules synchronise well with the Moodle software, signalling completion progress to the LMS and retaining user progress and position within the course. Moodle can provide certificates once all criteria are met.

Could e-learning help your staff and stakeholders?

If you need to communicate large amounts of information to your team, whether they are distributed around the globe, or just got too comfortable working from home since the pandemic, online learning can be a great tool and can be more appealing than reading huge word documents and PDFs. Get in touch if you think we can help?