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💻🖌️ Quirky New Website for writer and astrologer

It was a pleasure to undertake the redesign of Darrelyn Gunzburg’s website. A noted author and astrologer, Darrelyn has written books and plays, she teaches on a Masters programme and undertakes research around medieval buildings and other subjects. Of course she needed a website that represented her diverse activities. As a personal website she could choose a quirky and unique style.

Darrelyn Gunzburg website

What’s on your desk?

It’s not every day you find yourself cutting out a cat in Photoshop. Meet Molly Rose…

The concept for the headers was that it might be an overhead photo of items found on her desk. So, books, photos, paper, pens, coffee, flowers and yes, there is a cat bed, and very often a cat, on Darrelyn’s desk.

For your technical expertise
and your patience.
My new website looks great
and I am deeply happy with it.”

Responsive, mobile, yada yada

Darrelyn’s site is completely customised for mobiles and tablets. The data shows that over half of all traffic is now through mobile devices. The software we use enables endless micro-customisation for different screen sizes, so we can get things pixel perfect. Even with image backgrounds and dynamic overlaid images, it wasn’t a problem. At times a challenge, but never a problem.

Bright and colourful

What’s the point of having a personal website if you can’t use the colours you like and make it vibrant and full of life? We settled on this bright colour palette and divided the pages into blocks, each with a different background colour. Each section title, with its accompanying underline, could then be whichever colour it needed to sit over the top of the two background sections it covered. This brings some variation to what could have been repetitive heading styles.

Managing the site

After a couple of training sessions via Zoom, Darrelyn is comfortable in keeping her website updated with new content in the form of news items and blog posts, as well as making any edits to text and images as needed. She is taking advantage of our website maintenance service to ensure that the site is secure and backed up.